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It takes a whole community to stop domestic violence.
Get help now! Call our 24-hour help line.
Local: (727) 895-4912 TTY: (727) 828-1269
Florida [FCADV]: (800) 500-1119 National Hotline: (800) 799-SAFE (7233)


CASA Community Action Stops Abuse, has been working in the Tampa Bay area since 1977 providing refuge, crisis intervention, advocacy, professional training and community outreach to break the silence that isolates victims of domestic violence and prevents them from a life of hope, independence and peace. CASA staff members understand the courage it takes to disclose abuse, and they work with the community to build a network of support for survivors and their children.

Latest News

Leaders, Celebrities and a United Stance Against Domestic Violence
Posted on 10/01/2014

Nearly 200 attendees packed the ballroom at the Inaugural CASA Gala fundraiser event on Saturday, September 27, 2014. National leaders and celebrities... Read More

Editorial: Stop Tolerating the Violence
Posted on 09/19/2014

It is about time that the NFL finally took appropriate action when a player cold cocked his fiancée. Why did it take so long?... Read More

Upcoming Events

CASA Peace Breakfast 2014
Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The CASA Peace Breakfast brings together more than 600 Tampa Bay area business leaders to support the lifesaving services... Read More

CASA’s Blog: The Purple Post

Why Do Abusers Abuse?
Posted on 11/17/2014

Why do abusers abuse? Because they can. Because violence works, and because perpetrators get what they want. Because they feel entitled to control their partner and children. Because there are few consequences to their behavior... Read More

What does Spanking Teach?
Posted on 11/10/2014

A few weeks ago, an Op Ed in the Tampa Bay Times opposed spanking. The writer of the opposite view equated spanking with discipline and assumed that anyone who doesn’t spank believes children should grow up wild with no boundaries. Spanking of children occurs... Read More

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