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24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline:
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Outside Pinellas County: (800) 500-1119 | TDD: (800) 621-4202

Blog: The Purple Post

CASA's former Executive Director, Linda A. Osmundson reflected on the history of the movement against domestic violence in this blog series. Posts were contributed weekly from October 2014 until her retirement in July 2015.


I have announced my retirement at the end of June. I want the next Domestic Violence Program Directors to start on my shoulders and go up from there... Read more

Published: 06/26/15

Battered Women and Their Pets

Abusers know that if they hurt the family pet, they will deeply hurt their family. Rural shelters with significant amounts of land around them have been taking pets into their shelters for years... Read more

Published: 06/06/15


Mothers often stay in terribly abusive relationships in order to protect their children. It is not uncommon for abusers to say, “If you leave me, you will never see the children again.” That strikes terror into most mothers' hearts... Read more

Published: 05/23/15

Shelter Rules

When we began opening shelters, we also began having our own power and control concerns. Some of us came from addiction and even jail facilities and we thought we needed to be overbearing to the women. We began instituting... Read more

Published: 05/10/15


I remember as a child spending Thanksgiving with my family at my aunt’s house. After we had eaten a huge meal, the men would retire to the den to watch the latest boxing match on TV. When I would peak in to see what all the excitement was about... Read more

Published: 05/01/15

Safety and Fear

Have you ever participated in a support group or a supervisory meeting when someone in the room said, “I don’t feel safe” discussing this matter or “I don’t feel safe” in this room? This is a kind of safety that resonates within... Read more

Published: 04/26/15

Let there be Art!

For the last three years, CASA has turned away 1,400 women and children each year. That has been traumatic for staff, as well as for the women who finally pulled together the courage to leave, only to be told that no bed was available for her or her children. So, last year... Read more

Published: 04/16/15

Making a Safety Plan

Sometimes people call the crisis line at CASA (727-895-4912) to find out what they can do for a family member, friend or colleague who they know is being battered by their partner... Read more

Published: 04/10/15

How to be a Real Male Ally to Women

An article in “Voice Male: The Magazine for Changing Men” begins with the statement, “What does it mean for men to ally with women to stop gender-based violence?”  My New York colleague, Phyllis Frank, has been encouraging and mentoring men to enter the field for many years... Read more

Published: 04/04/15

Working with Reformed Batterers

“Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it."
This begins the tenth step of the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step program. While CASA does not use the 12-Step AA program in our work, there are some parts of it that apply to men who call themselves “reformed batterers”... Read more

Published: 03/27/15


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