Youth Advocate
Job ID 1035 // Posted November 16, 2018

Major Function: To provide program and activities contributing to the emotional and social growth and development of children residing in Residential program.



  1. Create and maintain a safe and comfortable environment for children and their mothers.
  2. Create and maintain an environment that is conducive to children’s optimum growth and development.
  3. Complete or review an intake and shelter assessment of each child and their ability, level of development, needs, and problems before they enter the daycare program. Complete or review child assessment form in mother’s intake file.
  4. Facilitate a weekly group at your designated time that meets the needs of the children that includes non-violent communication, dealing appropriately with anger, and domestic violence.
  5. Facilitate a weekly family night and weekend activities that encourages parent and child interaction.
  6. Provide a program to meet the needs of the children to include non-violent communication, dealing appropriately with anger, and domestic violence.
  7. Supervise play activities and recreation, both in and out of the Residential locations and supervise study time.
  8. Provide individualized interaction with the children, including understanding their reactions to domestic violence.
  9. Maintain record of daily activities of each child.
  10. Complete daily and monthly statistical records of children in the daycare program.
  11. Provide transportation and supervision of resident children and volunteers.
  12. Assist in enrollment of children in appropriate schools, daycares and after school programs in a timely manner.
  13. Demonstrate knowledge of abnormal psychology and non-violent parenting techniques.
  14. Be willing to prepare food, serve, and feed children.
  15. Must be willing to work a flexible schedule including assistance with holiday coverage.
  16. Other duties as assigned.



  1. Attend work regularly and always be punctual, this includes working 20 hours per week Monday through Friday and adjust schedule occasionally for weekend events.
  2. Demonstrate a commitment to treat residents, volunteers, and co-workers in a kind, compassionate manner at all times.
  3. Participate in all staff meetings and residential case conferences; and attend and participate in all training.
  4. Participate in all aspects of Residential program services delivery as needed.
  5. Respond to emergencies in the Residential program including pager back-up and other household emergencies, if needed.
  6. Participate in community presentations as needed.
  7. Assist with training and supervision of volunteers.
  8. Complete special projects as requested by Shelter Manager.
  9. Perform other duties as assigned by Manager.



  1. Possess a Bachelors degree in related human services or have equivalent life experiences.
  2. Agree to participate in Child Abuse Registry review.
  3. Ability to climb stairs, lift up to 50 pounds, and carry children.
  4. Agree to work a flexible schedule.
  5. Possess training and experience in domestic violence.
  6. Demonstrate the willingness to drive agency vehicles.
  7. Possess the ability to function independently and work cooperatively as a member of a team.
  8. Possess a valid Florida State Drivers License and auto insurance card to be verified annually.
  9. Agree to participate in a background check upon employment.


By signing below, I agree and understand that I must be able to perform each responsibility set forth above to continue my employment with the agency.

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