Donor Spotlight: Meet Alexandra

Thank you to Alexandra Kay, who delivered dozens of backpacks full of necessities for kiddos accessing CASA’s services this back-to-school season. The backpacks and water bottles were donated by the Martin Richard Foundation which focuses on spreading peace, kindness, and inclusion.
We love Alexandra’s “why”: “I received a grant from the foundation recently to plan a Black Lives Matter kids’ march. The backpacks and water bottles were sent to me to use at the kids’ march and ended up arriving after the event, so I wanted to put them to good use, and filled them with school supplies to donate. I was a kindergarten teacher at an urban school district in MA for years, and I know how needed school supplies are! (I now work for the school district here as a behavior specialist). I also wanted to include books that promote diverse characters, as that is much needed as well!” We couldn’t agree more, Alexandra! Thank you for your support of our community!

What attracted you to donating to CASA?

I connect with CASA’s mission of standing up to silence. I strongly believe that in order to confront any sort of violence or inequity we must not be silent about these injustices.

What part of our work interests you most?

Prevention and education. I believe that when people know better, they do better. Often, by educating others we can empower them to make important and meaningful change in the community.

Does anyone in your life play a role in supporting your involvement? In providing inspiration?

I’m fortunate to have many positive role models. When I was younger, my mother, who is a nurse volunteered at a shelter. She instilled the value in me of service to others. I have been fortunate to have many students who have inspired me to help others. Teaching has taught me that every person has potential to do great things when they have someone who believes in them.

What do you hope the organization will achieve in the near future? In the long term?

I hope that CASA continues to grow in their community outreach and work to prevent domestic violence. I appreciate all that CASA does for our community and I am blessed to be able to support in a small way.

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