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Domestic Violence Knows No Boundries

December 19, 2014 | Yesterday, we learned that Rochelle Tatrai-Ray, CEO of Gulfcoast Jewish Family & Community Services, headquartered in Largo, was murdered - most likely by her husband, as there was a history of domestic violence.  At CASA, we know that domestic violence nearly always escalates.  If there is a history and the couple is still together, rarely does that the situation turn around. Rochelle was not living with her husband when this unspeakable violence occurred. She had clearly taken steps to protect herself.

But, it was not enough.  He was still able to enter her home and take her life.  Over ten years ago, the same man beat her nearly to death with a metal baseball bat.  Rochelle chose not to press charges, even though she spent weeks in recovery.  She, like many battered women, may have been afraid that there would be no conviction and she would be left to protect herself.  She may have loved him and did not want to go to court against him.  She may have been told that he would kill her if she pressed charges.  We will never know.  What we do know is that she was a capable, educated woman, CEO of a large, well respected non-profit organization.

Our hearts go out to Rochelle’s family and especially her 16 year old daughter who found her parents yesterday.  Our hearts go out to those who work at Gulfcoast Jewish Family & Community Services. It is a harsh reminder that none of us are immune from the effects of domestic violence.   None of us are too educated or accomplished or too involved with our synagogues or churches to save us from domestic violence.  Domestic violence knows no boundries.

By Linda Osmundson, CASA's Executive Director


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