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Remembering Linda A. Osmundson

CASA is immensely saddened over the passing of Linda A. Osmundson, an inspirational and passionate leader in the movement against domestic violence, beloved community member, friend to many and Executive Director of CASA from 1989 through June 2015. Linda passed away at her home on Monday, January 4, 2016, surrounded by family and friends. She is survived by husband, Maurice Kurtz; sisters, Karen Osmundson, Judy Osmundson and Wendy Osmundson; nieces, Kira Fahey, Hannah Huffman and Olivia Huffman; nephews, Carl Nelson and Eric Nelson; and stepdaughter, Jennifer Kurtz Wiggins.

Through her work, Linda Osmundson saved the lives of thousands and forever improved the lives of tens of thousands more. One of Linda’s most enduring legacies within CASA was the creation of a new domestic violence center, which opened its doors last July.

A "Celebration of Life" for Linda will be held at the Palladium Theater on January 22 at 2pm. The theater is located at 253 5th Ave. N, St. Petersburg, FL.

In lieu of flowers, Linda’s family has asked that donations be made towards CASA's domestic violence shelter via this link www.casa-stpete.org/shelter or by mailing checks to CASA at PO Box 414, St. Petersburg FL, 33731.


Linda A. Osmundson
March 18, 1949 - January 4, 2016

Friends have been sharing their memories of Linda on her Facebook page.
Join us all in honoring her legacy: www.facebook.com/linda.osmundson


"Linda Osmundson was a pioneer in her advocacy, making sure that we, as a community, never thought about domestic violence being limited to two individuals. Through her leadership at CASA, she educated all of us to know that domestic violence impacts children, families, employers and many of our community services and has lasting effects on the  generations. CASA’s work to be done does not end with the silence of her voice – this silence needs all of our voices to stand up and speak out to make sure our community and homes are a safe place."  

 - Gaelynn Thurman, CASA Board of Directors Vice-President.

Over the decades, Osmundson has spoken openly about her personal experience as a survivor of domestic violence and how it has propelled her to do the work she does. She has been a leader in a movement that began more than 40 years ago, serving as the director of programs in Gainesville and West Palm Beach before joining CASA as Executive Director in 1989. Under her leadership CASA grew from a 22-bed shelter into an organization offering with not only a 100-bed domestic violence center serving all of southern Pinellas County, but also support groups, 24-hour domestic violence hotline, outreach services, training for law enforcement and other community members, and youth programs such as Peacemakers Program teaching violence prevention in Pre-K through 8th grade classes. Linda retired from CASA in July 2015.

Linda Osmundson has been a well-known figure in the St. Petersburg area, dedicating her time to many other organizations and her church. She co-founded the state’s clemency movement for battered women, which sought pardons for women who had been sent to prison for defending themselves. For this, she received the Florida Governor’s first “Peace at Home” Award. She has been a strong voice on the task force for battered women and children, working with prosecutors, law enforcement, judges and health care professionals — her role has been invaluable. Osmundson has also helped the battered-women’s movement in other countries. She’s presented at numerous conferences, traveling to Bogotá, Prague, Russia, China, India, Cyprus, Japan, Singapore, Myanmar, and Australia. Her dedication to the community has been felt in so many ways.

Last summer Linda reflected on what may have been her proudest achievement, the creation of a new 100-bed domestic violence center, which opened in July 2015:

“With the opening of our new shelter, I have such a proud legacy to leave behind. I cannot imagine a day I will feel more accomplished than the day our first family moves in. I look at this organization and all it has accomplished and I feel joy, and a sense of peace knowing all it will continue to bring to this community for decades to come.”

 - Linda A. Osmundson


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