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February 2016- articles

"I think I'm Forward Bound"

- A Poem by Participant at CASA's Domestic Violence Shelter

I've got a little story that will make you smile
And if you listen closely it won't take but just a while
'Cause this is what does matter
And this is what does move
Everything that means something
When life does not approve

A light that shines so bright
That's been cut down to the quick
And sometimes there's just hope
That it won't go down this slick...

A call is made, a voice is heard, she asks if you are safe
And you are feeling... OMG... you're there... you can relate...

You know you're reaching out to a place you've never been
But now you're in a place where you have reached the end

The winds of grace have chosen to enfold you in their arms
And you suddenly feel the warmth of all the loving arms

CASA says "We've got a bed" and you, my dear, can rest
Your weary head... let this be your new nest

And here begins the magic of a place that none can touch --
I'm bent... not broken,, can this possibly be what's next?

You find yourself surrounded by an army of the coolest staff around
You suddenly do realize...
I think I'm onward bound

You fall asleep that night feeling safe and warm and happy
And after tears have fallen, maybe a little sappy

At last you've come across a place that has your back - and more
A place that helps you in every way, and wait... there's more in store!

CASA gives your life a chance, but for you it's even more --
They help you believe, again
that life is so much more.

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"I discovered I was worthy and that people can see that"

 - Comments from an Exit Interview

When participants "graduate" from CASA's domestic violence center they are asked to comment on their experiences and tell us about some of their future plans. This is what some participants said about their time with CASA: [Emphasis added.]

     "The CASA Staff benefitted me in a variety of ways. Each one was encouraging to me. I discovered I was worthy and that people can see that."

     "I made changes from the day I got here to not be abused again. The staff was and is awesome. I couldn't ask for more. They supported and showed care and love to me. Words cannot express how welcomed CASA staff made me feel and the support groups here I attended. It helped me greatly."

     "My experience with CASA has been overwhelmingly helpful. I have gotten assistance and support in every aspect of starting a new life. I like that I never felt like I was being judged by staff. I was always treated with kindness and respect. I wouldn't have changed anything. This program works, if you work it."

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