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24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline:
(727) 895-4912 | TTY: (727) 828-1269
Outside Pinellas County: (800) 500-1119 | TDD: (800) 621-4202

Volunteer FAQ

What is volunteer orientation and how often does CASA offer it?

Volunteer orientation is a chance for you to learn about CASA and the many programs and services that we offer to the community. During the orientation, you will learn about the opportunities available to you as a volunteer, and the how to take the next steps in beginning your service.

To attend an upcoming volunteer orientation, please complete the Volunteer Application.

For a one-time group project, does everyone need to attend volunteer orientation?

No, however the main contact of your group will need to complete an online volunteer application. On your day of service, a brief agency overview will be provided at your site by the Volunteer Specialist.

What is an advocate?

An advocate is a person who takes action to help or support someone else.

Is there are minimum commitment once I become a CASA volunteer?

We ask that all volunteers commit to a minimum two 4-hour shifts per month. The Volunteer Specialist will work with you in setting this schedule and making sure your service at CASA works with your personal schedule.

What is included in a background check?

On the volunteer application, we ask you to provide your current name, previous names, race, date of birth, and gender so a local law enforcement agency can search your background. Results will not necessarily prevent you from volunteering with us.

What is FCADV Training?

The FCADV is the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence. They have created a 30-hour training course called Core Competency. If you wish to work directly with our participants, it is CASA’s policy to train you through the FCADV curriculum. By taking Core Competency and passing the written test, you receive certification and the knowledge necessary to work in the field of domestic violence. You will also receive “privileged” status, meaning any information shared between you and a participant will be held confidential.

How much does Core Competency cost?

The course is free for those who volunteer at CASA!

How often is Core Competency offered? How long is it?

Core Competency is offered four times per year during the week on a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Does every volunteer position require Core Competency?

No. Many volunteer positions do not require Core Competency including Life Skills Advocate, Community Education Advocate, Administrative Assistant, Thrift Store Assistant or Merchandiser, and Event Assistant. In addition, your group can clean, landscape or decorate the shelter, cook a meal and organize a donation drive or event without taking Core Competency. We can take your unique skills and create a volunteer job just for you.

What happens during the staff interview?

A staff interview is an opportunity for you and our staff to get to know each other. Our staff will give you a tour of the facility and explain what the job you are seeking is like. They will ask what you wish to gain from your volunteer experience and you can ask any question about the agency, our policies, our philosophy, etc. From there, you and our staff will decide what job is best for you and you will set a start date, along with a predicted volunteer schedule.

Does CASA offer educational credit for high school or college students?

CASA offers service hours for students in High School who are seeking the Bright Futures Scholarship. However, CASA does not offer internships for undergraduate, graduate, or law students.

Do you have another question we haven’t answered?

Call 727-895-4912 or email info@casa-stpete.org


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