Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Chuck

Meet Chuck

In August, Chuck and a team of volunteers helped clean one of our residential locations for survivors of domestic violence! Chuck and our incredible team of volunteers spent the day touching up the landscaping, sanitizing rooms for new guests, and building furniture.


Chuck is a retired engineer who likes to spend time on projects that are personal to him that involve helping others and being in nature. He dedicated 40 years to being an engineer, and in that time, he gained knowledge in planning and project management. Like you, Chuck understands that domestic violence is a problem that is much too common, so he took action and began volunteering with CASA. He has helped CASA in various ways, from sorting donations at our thrift store to helping us organize essential fundraising events. After contributing in a multitude of ways, he decided his heart was in working with survivors directly. He spoke with our volunteer manager about getting involved, became CORE certified, and started assisting our staff at the Youth Center at our shelter!

We are so fortune to have volunteers as passionate as Chuck!

Chuck's favorite memory: I think that my favorite experience as a CASA volunteer occurred shortly after they opened up the library at the shelter. I was sent, along with a group of children, to the library to do reading. I let each kid choose a book. Then I began reading each of the chosen books. As I read, I involved the child who had chosen the book in the reading. I put lots of enthusiasm into it as I read. The kids and I both got a lot of enjoyment out of this, and during the time I was reading, two different advocates who had heard what was going on popped their heads into the room. I asked if I was being too loud and was told that I wasn't. They were just enjoying what was going on.
If you’re interested in volunteering please email lmackinnon@casa-stpete.org.

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