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Peacemaker Program

CASA's Peacemaker Program is a holistic in-school curriculum empowering youth to live peaceful lives. The program provides schools with instructors and age-appropriate material for Pre-K through Middle School classrooms.

Peacemaker's Pledge

To teach peaceful alternatives to violence.

To assist children and youth in strengthening developmental assets to serve as building blocks for becoming healthy, caring, and responsible citizens.

To assist children and youth in developing values which promote compassion, empathy, and respect for themselves, others, and the environment.

The Peacemaker Program

A holistic in-school program developed to empower children and youth to live peaceful lives.

An overwhelming majority of children report that they have encountered a bully who made their life miserable at one time or another during their school career. Some children also live with violence at home.

CASA works in partnership with schools to help teachers and staff better understand the dynamics of power and control, especially when there is violence in the home, and reduces the terror that a bully can exert over fellow classmates.

The CASA Peacemaker Program is an in-school curriculum to assist children in pre-school, kindergarten, elementary and middle school to build a solid foundation of values and encourage the development of lifelong peacemaking skills. It serves more than 1,000 preschool/kindergarteners, and more than 2,000 elementary and middle school students across Pinellas County each year.

The program is made available to schools at no cost to schools through public donations and support from partner organizations. (See bottom of the page for more information.)

How Does it Work?

Teachers interested in bringing the Peacemaker Program to their
students can contact CASA's staff at info@casa-stpete.org
or (727) 895-4912 for more information. Approved classrooms
will be provided instructors and course materials at no charge.

The program is available for Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary
(Grades 4 and 5 only) and Middle School students.

Topics Presented:


  • Talking it out
  • Understanding Differences
  • Understanding Feelings
  • Safety at Home
  • Caring for the Environment & Each Other


  • Managing Anger
  • Bullying
  • Safety
  • Diversity
  • Thoughts, Feelings, & Behaviors

Middle School

 The Middle School Program covers a variety of topics such as: 

  • Anger
  • Self-Esteem
  • Bullying
  • Diversity
  • Healthy Relationships

The number of presentations for this program can be tailored to suit the needs of your school.



Contact us at (727) 895-4912 or info@casa-stpete.org to learn more about the program and application process.



The Preschool Peacemaker Program is a collaborative effort of CASA and RCS Pinellas, made possible by funding from the Juvenile Welfare Board. The 2018 Middle School Program is made possible with funding from the Florida Blue Foundation.

The Elementary School Program is funded by CASA through community support, so Thank YOU! To support the continued operation of the program, please donate through this link.

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