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Teaching Philosophy

CASA's Peacemaker Program teaches age-appropriate curricula for preschool, kindergarten, elementary and middle schoolers students.

We listen to students' concerns, encourage them to talk about their issues and facilitate their learning of appropriate responses to conflict and in doing so, develop a holistic framework for peace work.

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CASA and partnering organizations began the Peacemaker program in June of 1998 to provide peace education and violence prevention activities for children. The underlying concept of the Peacemaker Program is that when students are presented with information on techniques to avoid and resolve conflict in a non-violent manner, and this is presented to youth in a creative way, they will learn essential conflict-resolution skills.

Preschool and Kindergarten students receiving the program learn how to talk out their problems, stay safe at home, walk away when necessary, embrace their differences, and care for each other and the environment. Elementary and Middle school students learn ways to stay safe with regards to domestic violence, bullying, the internet, and with strangers. They also learn how to identify and handle anger as well as acquire peacemaking and communication skills.

Age appropriate curricula for both elementary and middle schoolers involves listening to the student’s concerns, encouraging them to talk about their issues, and facilitating the ability of the youth to learn appropriate responses to conflict and, in doing so, develop a holistic framework for peace work. With this participatory approach, youth begin to understand their personal experiences within the context of the family and the larger community. It helps prevent them from becoming overwhelmed by their own problems and can provide the means for them to recognize their own strengths and that of their family members.  Essentially a nurturing process empowering the youth to explore their own visions and create their own self-confident reality, Peacemakers provides the impetus for empowerment where strengths are identified and safety concerns are recognized.


The Preschool Peacemaker Program is a collaborative effort of CASA and The Haven of RCS, made possible by funding from the Juvenile Welfare Board

The Elementary and Middle School Programs are made possible by CASA and the Community, so Thank YOU!

Please donate here to support the continued operation of the program!

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